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Millions of people aspire to achieve a golden tan all year round, to make you look and feel healthy aswell as attractive.

  Be amazed by the effects of our nasal spray 

Don't use self-tanning lotions or dangerous sunbeds which in the long term, can cause aging of the skin and skin cancer.

Who has the time these days to waste lying for hours burning under dangerously overpowered sunbeds? Melanotan 2 will give you a natural all over tan made possible through naturally occurring hormones. 

By using Melanotan 2 the risks associated with skin damage are eradicated and a beautiful and natural tan can be achieved.

Melanotan 2 keeps your skin protected from the sun's harmful radiation (ultra violet sun rays) when you do go outside. Positive side-effects include Weight Loss and a Heightened Libido.

No Wonder Everybody Wants It! 

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For an all over streak free golden tan, without exposure to harmful ultra violet rays.


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 With Max-tan Melanotan II nasal spray, you can eliminate those strong uncontrollable side effects of the injections but still enjoy all the benefits of the Melanotan II like Tanning, Weight Loss & Heightened Libido.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  We do not sell the injections, as Melanotan 2 injections have strong short-term side effects. You may experience varying degrees of nausea, loss of appetite, facial flushing, increased blood pressure and aching limbs with the injections + HIV risk if needles are shared.

You may experience an increase in colour of existing moles however, this is not permanent. Once you have stopped taking Melanotan 2 the moles will go back to their original appearance.


Maxtan nasal spray is 99.8% pure, without Fillers & without Mannitol !

Our Melanotan 2 is for research purposes only.

*On working day except Friday/Saturday/Sunday